Is counselling right for you?

Counselling with Life in may be right for you if:

  • Depression, anxiety, or issues with food or substances are stopping you having the life you want
  • You want more from your life and your relationships
  • You are looking for a safe place to talk through difficult issues.
  • You want to change self destructive patterns and the way you feel about yourself
  • You identify as having a highly sensitive system and are exploring ways to manage and thrive with this
  • You’ve tried talking therapy in the past with limited success but are willing to try again
  • You’ve had some great counselling in the past and are wanting some current support.

Life in offers private counselling based in Auckland.

Counsellor Sheree Veysey offers online counselling via Skype and Zoom. . The name life in progress recognises that we and our circumstances are changing all the time, and that we are all works in progress.

Sheree is based in Auckland, New Zealand, and can offer one to two sessions in person (usually in Grey Lynn) for connecting in the first sessions. Sheree is unable to counsel people who are not usually NZ residents.

It can be difficult to reach out for help, especially the first time, but appropriate support can make a real difference. WINZ subsidies may be available for those on a low income and experiencing stress, anxiety or depression. Sheree is certified as HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) knowledgeable.

Counselling is an active process and you are the best judge of whether it is helpful or not. If you decide that you’d like to find other support, Sheree is happy to direct you to a range of other counsellors, information or professionals that may be of use.


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